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Young Justice Three For One Review!

This review of Young Justice Phantoms will be a three-piece, sorry in advance! But I can promise you this! This show is what DC and Warner Bros need to emulate in live-action! Not just with the fights and powers, but with the character development deep lore that comes with them! Everyone has their moment to shine, however brief it may be due to the sheer number of characters in the show! From Superman and Lois trying to explain to their son about Connor to Megan and Beast Boy still being depressed about it, to the aspects of a family with Artemis and Cheshire. But enough of me, being in awe of this cartoon. On to the reviews!

“I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings”

This episode concludes (for now, anyway) the confrontations that were set up; Cassandra Cage vs Lady shive, who is the BEST hand to hand fighter in the DC Universe. Not even Batman himself can take her, one on one. It also deals with Artemis and Barbara trying to make sure that Cassie doesn’t end up being just another killer, but a hero. The two fight and Cassie is the victor. As the Team leaves, Cheshire goes back and tries to fight the Sensei. After stopping her Artemis pleads with

her sister to come home, that she’s been away too long from her daughter, Lian. Ras Al Ghul lets Artemis, Cheshire, Cassie, and Onyx leave in peace. Cheshire does try to come home to her family, but guilt sets in, and she disappears again. On the Kent farm, Clark and Lois try their best to explain to their son Jon why Connor is gone, and we later see Clark break down. His younger brother is dead, and Superman, the Man of Steel, is in pain that we rarely see him in. Some great writing on the production’s part.

“Teg Ydaer!”

This episode begins a new subplot, with Magic being at the forefront. Another Lord of Chaos has come to Earth, with instructions to end Klarion The Witch Boys tenure. We also learn that Klarion and Vandal have prior history since Vandal is immortal. Hundreds of years ago, Klarion laid waste to one of Vandal’s empires and tried to kill Vandal himself. When discovering Vandal’s immortality, Klarion would return in another 100 years and see how Vandal would fare. In the present time, Team member Zatanna is training some new recruits, but they’re dragged into a mystical battle with Klarion. As Klarion is about to kill them, he senses the other Lord of Chaos and teleports away to do battle. In the last moments, we see Savage talking to the Phantom Stanger, (who’s also been narrating this episode.)

“Nomed Esir!” Fun fact, this episode was written by actor and writer Kevin Greivioux, who created co-created the Underworld franchise! Zatanna is separated from her students, witnessing the battle between Klarion and Child (that’s the other Lord of Chaos, who is imbued with the powers of all the Lords of Chaos!) The Phantom Stranger sends the recruits to the house of Jason Blood, also known as one half of the demon Etrigan! As the recruits team up with Etrigan to save Zatanna and stop the Lords of Chaos, we’re also treated with another history lesson. Vandal Savage was the great, great forefather of the city of Atlantis (where Aquaman is from!) His great, great-grandson became ruler of the kingdom, and the people had gained mystical powers along with advanced science. Vandal wanted to cause a mass genocidal event that would “cleanse” the strong from the weak. Although his great, great-grandson was against it, Vandal asked Klarion for a favor. With his help, the entire city was sunken underwater! We also discover that the Helm of Dr. Fate (think Dr. Strange with a gold helmet and slight schizophrenic issues.) is Vandal’s grandson!

So, quite a lot of magic going on, this arc. I do enjoy the “history lessons” that Vandal is giving the audience. Some bombs are being dropped, involving Vandal Savage, this season. Post your comments below, and till next time fellow blerds!