Weekly Snap No. 18! More trailers, postponements, and anime adaptations!

Hello, all! Welcome back to another edition of the Weekly Snap! Some surprising news in store for us, so let us get underway!


Top Gun, Mission Impossible, and Jackass all delayed!

This is kind of sad to report, but the movies, Top Gun Maverick, Mission Impossible, and Jackass have all been delayed for a 2022 release in theaters. I was personally hoping to see Top Gun in theaters, considering Tom Cruise is actually flying a plane in this one! And while this is disappointing, it's not unexpected to see various movies being delayed during this COVID-19 era. Hopefully, we can finally see No Time to Die, after so many delays.


Movie Trailers

Speaking of which, new movie trailers for various titles, like No Time to Die, Red Notice, Moonfall, have been released. While streaming services have been releasing movies, the actual movie theaters have been recovering slowly. One can only guess when will this uncertain period be over for the box office.


New Aquaman photos!

New photos of Jason Mamoa as Aquaman have been released, one in the now-classic orange and green suit, and one in all black. Supposedly, it's a stealth suit, so we'll see some covert operations in the next film. Perhaps Black Manta will reappear, and make a more impressive showing.


One Piece live-action

Well, apparently, Netflix has got the Anime bug, because a One Piece live-action adaptation has been approved. While the streaming service is giving us a Cowboy Bebop show, we're getting this too! Can Netflix pull this off, or will this be another failed adaptation like Dragonball Evolution?

That's it for now! Enjoy the three-day weekend, and until next time fellow blerds!

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