Weekly Snap: Invincible (Amazon Prime), Them (Amazon Prime) and the Thunder Force (Netflix)!

Updated: May 2, 2021

Invincible (Amazon Prime)

I'll be honest, while I was somewhat familiar with the source material of Image Comics' Invincible, I was kind of surprised with how good this show is! Based on the comic by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley, Invincible is about a teenager named Mark Grayson, who develops superpowers and wants to be a hero, just like his dad. Little does he know, his dad is more Homelander than Superman. With the last five minutes of each episode, this show reminds viewers that while it's a cartoon it ain't Teen Titans Go! If I can describe it without spoilers, it's a cross of The Boys mixed with Young Justice. And if you need further convincing to watch the show, just watch the last 5 minutes of Episode one.

Them (Amazon Prime)

Man, do I miss Lovecraft Country! I miss seeing black folks using magic and technology to fight off racists in certain time periods. And while that show may or may not be coming back, I consider Them to be a sort of spiritual successor. The main premise of the show is about a black family moving from down South to California during the Great Migration of the early 1950s. While buying a new house in an all white neighborhood, the Emory family is attacked by both racist white neighbors and supernatural events that test their very sanity. So far, the story is dark and often, the monsters aren't even the scariest parts of the story. It's how much power the racists had back in those days.

Thunder Force (Netflix)

Remember movies like Hancock, and My Super Ex-Girlfriend, where it's a superhero movie, but not a part of a major franchise like the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Well, Netflix has you covered with Thunder Force, starring Mellisa McCartney and Octavia Spencer as two superheroes who are trying to stop a crime boss named "The King", whose plan is to release supervillains all over Chicago. It's a fairly entertaining action-comedy flick, with some standard CGI (it is a Netflix movie). But the main attraction is Spencer and McCartney. They have great chemistry together and makes the flaws don't really matter that much. They play off each other very well, and gives the film an early 2000's superhero movie feel.

And there you have it! The Weekly Snap, in a nutshell! Now, please believe, I WILL be doing full reviews of Invincible and Them at a later date. Till next time, my fellow Blerds!!!

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