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Top 10 DCEU Movie Ranking List! (Yeah, they actually have good films!)

Ah, the DCEU, also known as the DC Extended Universe! Not every fan’s cup of tea, for sure. But, if you think about it, this franchise has some jewels that some are either missing out on or just plain ignoring. Plus, I just love DC Comics! While their movies have been hot and cold, their comic books, tv shows, and cartoons have outlasted their competitors for decades! (You know it’s true, Marvel fans! But yall still got the movie thing on lock, though.) And with the “Flash” movie re-booting the entire universe, I’d thought it’d be the perfect time to rank all of the DCEU movies! From worst to best, here is my ranking of all the DCEU films, so far.

10. Justice League (2017 version)

OK, let’s get this out of the way. This movie was hyped to be epic, cool, everything you would want a superhero movie to be. Bringing some of the best heroes DC has to offer. Director Zack Snyder was chosen to head this film but left due to family tragedy and the studio decided to bring in director Joss Whedon, to finish. Well, if night and day needed visual representation, watch this film. At key moments, it really does feel like the movie was shot by two different people with two very different styles. This movie focused more on humor, and less on the serious stuff (almost like a Marvel movie.) Gone was the promise of Darkseid and any potential of a sequel, instead, we got cheesy one-liners, CGI mustaches, and music that felt out of place just to get some “nostalgic” brownie points. The scandal involved with this move has been well-documented, by now. Characters’ scenes were drastically cut, Whedon being toxic on set to the cast, and reshoots not matching trailers. Definitely deserves the bottom ranking. (Although, I did love Gary Clark Jr’s version of Come Together!)

9 Wonder Woman 1984

The first DCEU movie to come out during the COVID-19 pandemic, Wonder Woman 1984 felt like a callback to a simpler time, where comic book films didn’t need to worry about franchise continuity and could just tell character-based stories. And while that sounds good on paper, in execution, WW84 missed the landing. Too many potholes to ignore, and seeing Wonder Woman being active as a superhero after clearly hearing her say that she gave up on humanity for a century, didn’t really make sense. Pedro Pascal did steal the show as Maxwell Lord, however. And the film’s rendition of “A Beautiful Lie” still gets to me, every time. With promises of a third movie, hopefully, DC and WB can find a blend of the Wonder Woman we got in Batman v Superman and this movie, and not rely too much on nostalgia.

8.Suicide Squad

Another movie that WB studios tampered with, Suicide Squad focused on the villains, featuring Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Joker, and Amanda Waller, this was set to be (in my opinion.) DC’s answer to Guardians of The Galaxy. And while imperfect, this film did its job. It showcased some bad guys that we love to hate and hate to love. The soundtrack was lo-key fire, it even won an Academy Award for Best Make-Up, for their version of Killer Croc! (Catch up, Marvel!) Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn really stole the show, and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller was ripped right from the comics. But again, the studio wanted it to be liter-fare, so certain connections with Zack Snyder’s vision were cut. And Jared Leto’s Joker, while different, was barely in the movie.