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Titans Season 3 "Souls" review!

Someone once said, "You gotta go through hell, to get to heaven." And that is sure enough true in this episode. We find that recently shot Tim Drake is on a train going to a less than an ideal destination. As the creepy conductor tries to hold Tim, we're met with none other than former Titan, Donna Troy! She saves Tim and gets off the "haunted" train, but with some nasty "Dementor" from Harry Potter-looking ghouls came for them both. Just then, a mysterious car pulls up, with Hank in the driver's seat! He rescues them and gives them the rundown of how things are and he and Donna share war stories of how they died. Hank also tells the group that there may be a way to get out of "hell" and back into the living, but more ghouls show up.

Meanwhile, Raven is in Paradise Island aka Themyscera, training with the Amazons, learning control of her powers. She is constantly scolded by one of the elders that she needs to learn proper manners, so Raven is tasked with putting together a rock statue. But the real lesson is that to embrace that some losses can't be undone, which is what Raven was trying to do by resurrecting Donna!

Back in "Limbo", Hank tells the group that there may be a way out. Reluctantly, Donna agrees, so the three travel to some sort of portal to be revived. Unfortunately, the ghouls try to stop them, and a battle ensues with Tim being the main target. While Hank is having trouble making a weapon, Donna does her older sister proud, using a sword to save Tim and Fight off the ghouls. With the bridge they're on falling apart, Hank agrees to stay behind, while Donna and Tim cross over. But Tim begins to lose consciousness, and he is revived in the real world! Donna saves Bruce Wayne, who is hellbent on killing himself apparently, and Hank is reunited with his dead brother Donnie!

So this episode was perhaps the most heartwarming one yet, with reunions all around! Here's hoping that old man Batman will finally get his ish together and help take down Scarecrow and Red Hood. That's it for now, and till next time fellow blerds!