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Titans Review and pros and cons of Season 3 so far!

Well, these past few episodes of Titans have been wearing thin on me, to be honest. Scarecrow isn’t being the “big bad” like I’d hope, and Red Hood is looking more and more like a henchman, rather than a man on a mission. But there are some bright spots. Namely, Blackfire and a certain future Robin named Tim Drake! What I’m gonna do is mesh the last two episodes together and point out what I enjoyed and what I didn’t enjoy. Sorry for the change in format. Next time, it will go back to the usual rundown.


Things I Enjoyed

1. Blackfire and Superboy hooking up! While sister Starfire may or may not forgive Blackfire for her crimes on their planet, Connor Kent aka Superboy has taken an interest in Blackfire. In last week’s episode, they even do the do! I can see this ending in either heartbreak or blossoming into a romance.

2. Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson’s relationship. I appreciate how the former Batgirl is honest with Nightwing. Sometimes brutally honest, with how Dick should or shouldn’t be a better Batman. And that scene with her fighting with the escrima sticks, classic Oracle.

3. Beast Boy is the heart of the team. Gar hasn’t given up on Jason being reformed, even though he’s complicit in some truly messed-up actions. From having a hand in killing Hawk, to giving drugs to some thugs who crippled Tim Drake’s father, Beast Boy hasn’t given up hope.

4. Jason’s independence from Crane. I enjoy most media about the Red Hood; from failed Robin to exiled vigilante with twin pistols. Red Hood, at his core, wants what Batman wants, a city without crime. But he’s not afraid of killing some bad guys along the way. So when Jason finally gives up on Crane’s master plan to poison the city, it’s a step in the right direction.


Things I didn’t enjoy

1. Nightwing not being the one to help Jason. While in the comics, Dick as tried to help Jason, in the show he barely puts the effort in!

2. Old man Bruce Wayne…I said it before, and I’ll say it again. This was a bad casting choice of Batman. What’s more, we haven’t even seen him in the suit!!

3. Starfire’s memories…Either show us or don’t. Don’t drag this storyline any more than it should be prolonged

4. Crane as the big bad. While I do appreciate the selection of villains, he could do so much more, especially with the knowledge that he now has, knowing everyone’s secret identity. Speaking of which…

5. The lack of secret identities… I mean, does everyone know who these folks are?! I get that Jason leaked the information, but it just feels like it’s public knowledge, at this point!

6. Where are Raven and Donna Troy?! It’s been a minute since we’ve even heard of Raven and Wonder Girl! Will they ever make an appearance?

7. What is the endgame? Will we see Tim become Robin? Will Dick take the mantle of Batman? Will we ever see Starfire return home?! So many subplots that are being tossed around, and I honestly don’t think that each one will get an ending that will make sense!

But, that’s it for me, fellow blerds. Till next time!!

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