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Titans Review! A buildup before the finale!

Well, fam, it's one more episode to the season three finale of Titans! And with the show being renewed for a fourth season, let’s hope that the finale will put things back on track! But for now, we’ll get into the latest episode. As always, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

The episode begins with the relationship between Jason Todd and Scarecrow souring, with Crane becoming more erratic. He even attacks Jason with a chained sickle, running him out of the Batcave. Meanwhile, Raven and Beast Boy find Nightwing’s dead body where he was left, after the fight between him and Red Hood. As Raven tries to resurrect him with her powers, Beast Boy transforms into a bat and travels with other bats, taking Dick’s body to a Lazarus Pit! While they dip the body in, Dick’s soul is fighting to regain control.

Back at the GCPD, Barbara Gordon is being “interviewed” by Crane, gloating about how his plan is coming together, but she refuses to sit and let him win. Breaking out of her cell, Gordon goes back to her Oracle computer to reactivate it! Donna is with Tim Drake and his family, trying to devise a way to escape the city, but Tim wants a more active part. He wants to be the next Robin! (I understand why, but given that Bruce has given up, who will train him?) Blackfire finds a weakened Conner (due to Nightwing’s kryptonite dust) at the abandoned bunker and heals him with her new powers! Together, they go back to the US government black site where she was held and finds her ship! But Starfire shows up to mend old wounds. She offers to go with her sister to Tameran and vouch for Blackfire’s rightful claim to the throne. Blackfire appreciates the gesture but decides to go alone. After breaking up with Superboy, Blackfire is ready to head home. But after “helping” with heating the ship’s core, Superboy destroys Blackfire’s ship, all with an evil look on his face!

Nightwing’s battle for his soul continues, with visions of his father, and a future daughter?! While fighting Crane in his dream, Dick wakes up! He orders Raven and Beast Boy to unite the Titans with Donna, while he goes to save Jason. Jason is at the spot where Dick “died”, but Dick surprised Jason. He states that Jason needs redemption, and while he’ll never be a Titan again, he can still help stop Scarecrow. Together, they break into a weapon lockup at a GCPD facility, where Crane was going to poison all of Gotham with fear toxin. But they find the toxin gone! Crane had already moved the toxin to the Batcave, preparing for the final steps of his plan. Meanwhile, Donna and Tim are trying to get out of Gotham but get stopped by corrupt cops!

While this episode was better, some things still didn’t sit right with me. For one, Crane making the Batcave his new HQ seems sacrilegious. Like, we’re talking about Batman, here! The master of prep time! He didn’t have any contingency plans for this situation?! And Jason seems even more like a pouty child! And now, we must deal with an evil Superboy?! Is this the Luthor side of his DNA, coming out and taking control? But props to Dick being more like his comic-book counterpart, offering Jason another chance to redeem himself. And will we see Barbara become Oracle?! Time will tell, gang! Till next time, fellow blerds!