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Titans Review!

Time for another double feature, with Titans! Now, I’ve been hanging on with this show, but it just feels like the story is going all over the place! Too many subplots, an underwhelming villain, and an overall feeling of wasted potential. But I will stick it out, due to the season coming to an end. So, off we go!

So, Scarecrow’s master plan is to flood the water of all Gotham City with his new version of fear toxin. The cops are overrun, with citizens taking the drug, and because Scarecrow’s plan involves blaming the Titans for the recent status of the city, the people want the heroes out of town. Nightwing is now public enemy number one, leaving the team reeling. Meanwhile, Crane is propping Red Hood to be Gotham City’s savior in the catastrophe. While the Titans are struggling with Crane’s plan, Donna Troy is newly resurrected and proves herself to an Amazon Elder that she is ready to fight again. After a brief duel, Donna proves herself and goes to Gotham to help her teammates. After being blamed for the feat toxin spreading across the city, Nightwing and the Titans go to the G.C.P.D, to turn themselves in, to show that they are on the people’s side. But this turns out to be a trap because, under orders from Crane, some cops open fire on the Titans! Blackfire is injured, Barbera Gordon is arrested for shooting one of her own officers, and the rest of the team is split up! Public opinion of the superhero team is in the trash, the city is tearing itself apart, and to make matters worse, Starfire’s powers are now gone from healing her sister! But hope isn’t lost! Raven finds Beast Boy and Donna Troy enters Gotham to help with the crisis, while Crane takes over Wayne Manor!

Now, for the latest episode! We watch Crane get comfortable with his new digs while moving on with his plan. Red Hood has challenges Nightwing to one last duel. Superboy wants to help, but Nightwing orders him to stay put at a secret bunker in case the rest of the team shows up. Starfire is powerless, walking in the city and running into a baby that was in her dreams! While saving the mother and her child, Starfire gets shot, and this reveals more memories of her homeworld! Apparently, Starfire was never supposed to have powers, but her sister Blackfire was! Their world’s king ordered Blackfire’s powers to be transferred to Starfire, leaving her sister unable to properly take the throne! At “Crane Manor”, Scarecrow wrestles with his own inner demons, trying to kill without the “Scarecrow Mask” and Jason further provokes Dick to seek him out. Dick agrees, even incapacitating Superboy with non-lethal Kryptonite. While Donna and Tim Drake uncover a plot that will leave corrupt cops invading the city’s citizens who are hiding from the infected, Raven and Beast Boy discover a Lazarus Pit (a liquid that can bring someone back to life). Red Hood and Nightwing have their battle, with Nightwing easily winning. But when citizens who support Red Hood arrive, one of them shoots Nightwing in the neck, leaving him bleeding out on the street!

Ok, Nightwing getting shot was a shocker, but then I realized that other members have come back from the dead all the time, in this show! Plus, with the Lazarus Pit, they can just bring him back. By far, Red Hood has been wasted in this show. Not even feeling like his own person, Jason just feels like a lackey of Scarecrow, and that’s not Jason’s personality at all. He’s his own man, and the writing of his character isn’t very close to the comics. Perhaps my favorite character on the show is Blackfire, and I feel like the writers will just make her revert to being a villain, only to move the story forward! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this show is giving me season 3 “Arrow” vibes (and we all know that season was trash!). 5 out of 10 for both episodes. Hopefully, the show can redeem itself. Till next time, fellow blerds!