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Titans "Lady Vic" review!


This episode of Titans will be a treat for fans of Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson shippers! But before we go into this week’s episode, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

We pick up with Red Hood and Scarecrow making more of the anti-fear toxin, but Jason wants to know more of the plan. Crane is playing things close to the chest while telling Jason that he’s in charge. Were also given some flashbacks to where Barbara was active in Gotham and Dick was still Robin. They share a tender moment, but it is in contrast to how they are now. Dick doesn’t hold any grudges against the shooting at the cabin, but Barbara wants Dick and the Titans to leave Gotham. Meanwhile, an old killer by the name of Lady Vic comes back to Gotham, with a score to settle with Barbara Gordon!

Back at Wayne Manor, Starfire introduces the team to Blackfire, whose arrogant attitude puts her sister on edge. She even claims Superboy as a…well, “servant of pleasure”! Charming. Starfire and Connor take Blackfire to a possible lead on Scarecrow, where Blackfire and Connor trade stories of how their homeworlds are. While Starfire and Superboy save a doctor who was implanted with the same bomb that killed Hank! They defuse the bomb, but Blackfire escapes! While getting a mysterious phone call Barbara leaves Gotham PD to meet Bruce at Crime Ally. Turns out, it was a trap, and Lady Vic tries to kill Barbara. Luckily, Barbara keeps some escrima sticks handy and manages to fight off Lady Vic. Dick walks Barbara to her apartment and there’s still something there between the two. Meanwhile, Jason robs Crane’s workers of his new formula and gives it to some street hoods. While overseeing how the drug works, one thug shoots up a deli, with Tim Drake’s father getting shot in the process!

While this episode gave us some great interaction with Dick and Barbara, I feel the real star of the show is Blackfire! She steals every scene she’s in and hopefully, we can see her gain powers like her sister’s. Also, with Tim Drake entering the picture, how will he become Robin, if the show goes that route? And will we ever see Bruce again?! Post your thoughts below and till next time fellow blerds!!

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