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The TRUE Top 10 Most Powerful MCU characters! (So far...)

Hey, all! So, IGN recently posted the ten most powerful villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And while that list was…less than satisfying, I thought it’d be cool if I dissect who’s really the most powerful of them all. But why stop at the bad guys?! This ranking list will have the top ten most powerful villains and heroes in the MCU. Disclaimer: This is my list, based on feats seen in all the movies and the What If? Series. If you like this list, please share, and don’t forget to check out some of my other rankings articles!

Top Ten Most Powerful Villains

1. Ultron Prime

In the What If series, Ultron not only defeated the Avengers and gained all the Infinity Stones, but he made quick work of Thanos, himself! Not even The Watcher could defeat him, by himself! This version of Ultron felt more menacing than what we saw in Age Of Ultron.

2. Ashrim

Ashrim is a Celestial (those giants that we saw in Guardians of The Galaxy and Eternals) who could create lifeforms and destroy entire planets. Their physical form is gigantic, and although we haven’t seen their full potential, we do know that they can wield Infinity Stones without any real injury. I feel we may see more Celestials in the future.


3. Thanos

Off the break, Thanos had everyone shook! From shrugging off Thor, beating Hulk to a pulp with his bare hands, to making the Avengers look like chumps. Thanos wanted ALL the smoke! Not only that, but he’s really the only one who actually won…


4. Scarlet Witch

Poor, poor Wanda. Even in Age of Ultron, her potential for chaos was evident. Creating illusions, mind control, and destroying an Infinity Stone, Wanda was already the most powerful Avenger. Then, after the events of Endgame, her grief took over. Creating Vision from remnant pieces, unleashing her power to hold a town hostage, and absorbing the mystic Darkhold, Wanda’s powers grew. They grew even more, controlling an alternate version of herself, killing members of the Illuminati, and destroying Kamer Taje.


5. Hela

From breaking Thor’s hammer to killing damn near everything on Asgard, Hela was a true force to be reckoned with. Odin’s daughter, Hela could only be destroyed if the entire realm of Asgard was destroyed. So, potentially, Hela is nigh-invincible. She can even resurrect dead warriors and make an infinite number of blades.

6. Dormammu

A being from the Dark Dimension, Dormammu not only has the power to destroy or imprison realms but seduce mystics to do his bidding. And judging from what we’ve seen in Doctor Strange, he’s clearly an Omega Level threat.

7. Ego

A former Celestial, Ego’s true form was an entire planet. Capable of creating avatars of himself, transmutation, shape-changing, and more, Ego would’ve taken over the galaxy.


8. Loki

The God Of Mischief himself, Loki isn’t a slouch. Illusions, mystic daggers, half-Joutun, Loki can be trouble. But, while still an Asgardian, his real power lies in deception.


9. Wen-Wu

The Ten Rings made Wen-Wu immortal, granting his powers and abilities. Combined with his martial arts mastery, Wen-Wu became a warlord known as the Mandarin (the real one, not the one from Iron Man 3).


10. Agatha Harkness

Able to withstand Wanda’s Hex illusion, Agatha Harkness is a witch, capable of draining others of their energy. She gave Wanda a run for her money, but Agatha’s ego and greed were her downfall.

Honorable Mention- Green Goblin (that hallway fight scene alone, gave him a spot.)

And now, time for the heroes!


1. Wanda Maximoff

As an Avenger, she had the most potential to be the most powerful member of the team! When she was resurrected, Wanda almost single-handedly killed Thanos!


2. Thor

The God of Thunder, Thor is capable of smashing Frost Giants, killing Chitarui Leviathans, and can control lightning, creating hurricanes, and more. Thor is a powerhouse, for sure.


3. Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers is a one-woman army. Taking out a Kree invasion, going toe-to-toe with Thor, and almost stopping a Power Stone empowered Thanos, Cap. Marvel has barely begun to show how powerful she really is.