The Gray Man Review. Gray is the Right Color For This Film.

Well, Netflix’s new action flick, “The Gray Man”, is out and it left me…unsatisfied. Not saying it’s bad, or unwatchable. But it’s just there, like plain Corn Flakes. The plot, the story, the characters, it all feels like we’ve seen it before, but done better. Before I go deeper, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

The film stars Ryan Gosling, as a convict-turned assassin for the CIA. As part of a special program that uses criminals and turns them into highly trained agents, Six (Gosling) is their best in the field. But, when a mission goes wrong, Six is to blame, and has to go on the run. Joining Six is agent Miranda (Ana De Armas), who needs Six to clear her name. Hunting them are CIA suits played by Jessica Henwick and Rege’-Jean Page and a very charismatic private contractor played by Chris Evans. The plot is simple enough. Six has uncovered some dirt that Page’s character is up to, but is set up, so it’s Six against the world.

There are some subplots that tells us of Six’s origin, how he formed a bond with his handler (Billy Bob Thorton) and his daughter, how Six must fend off attempts from different hitmen, and how much chaos Lloyd Hansen (Evans) is causing around the world, juts to hunt Six down. It all tells the story that we’ve seen form different movies, a bunch of times. Mission Impossible, 007, Jason Bourne, Salt, etc. The Russo Brothers directed this film, and it does show. You kind of feel their approach, as you keep watching. They’ve also masted how to properly shoot an action scene (which I have so many feelings about, but that’s for another time.) The action scenes are choreographed well, and the final fight with Evans and Gosling is entertaining. But, again, nothing we haven’t seen before, done much better in execution. There’s talk about a sequel, but I just don’t feel it deserves one. All in all, if you miss out on this, it’s no biggie. A 6 out of 10, for me. Tell me what you think gang, and till next time fellow blerds.

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