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The Equalizer VS John Wick! Who Wins?! A Verses Debate!!!

Think fast, you’re in danger, and assassins are coming to kill you. You’re only allowed to call one person to save you: The Equalizer, or John Wick. Who

are you choosing? Even better, who are you backing in a fight? For the first time on Blerd Point of View, we’re doing a Versus Battle to see which character would win, based on feats, skills, and more. On one corner, we have Robert McCall, the mysterious former government agent who helps the helpless. Whether he’s fighting Mafia bosses in hardware stores or taking our corrupt military-trained killers, The Equalizer is at his best when he assesses the situation and exacts his planned justice. In the other corner, we have John Wick, the “Baba Yaga”. The man you send to kill the Boogeyman. A former assassin, forced out of retirement after Russian Mob members killed his dog and stole his car…days after his wife died from cancer, Wick went on a rampage. From destabilizing Mafia organizations to fighting rival assassins, and fending off killers who want to collect a multi-million-dollar bounty across the globe, John Wick is a man who is both respected and feared. Only one of these trained killers can win. I’ll be presenting cases for both characters to see who will win this fight.


McCall is a former Marine and CIA operative, and as shown in the two movies, is exceptionally skilled in surveillance, stealth, hand-to-hand combat, firearms, and resourcefulness. From turning a hardware store into a deathtrap for criminals, and using everyday appliances to create weapons, The Equalizer is experienced and skilled in taking out targets with minimal ease. Wick is also a former Marine, who grew up with the group called the “Rusk Roma”, Wick became known as a legend in the world of hitmen. Proficient with guns, knives, melee weapons, skilled in different martial arts disciplines, and stealth, Wick can take you out up close or at a distance. I’ll give this one a tie.


McCall prefers to make homemade appliances into weapons or take discarded guns from enemies, in a fight. Dressed in plain clothes, The Equalizer gives the appearance of an everyday man, minding his business, until a target becomes his business. Wick has access to a different array of pistols, rifles, knives, and bulletproof suits to aid in his encounters. While The Equalizer may beat MacGyver in a contest to see who can build better weapons in a warehouse, Wick has better resources at his disposal. From the best firearms money can buy to clothing that will protect him from bullets, I’d give this one to John.