The Boys Review...So Far!

The Boys are back in tow, as Season 3 of Amazon Prime’s “The Boys” dropped, and I’ll be covering the latest four episodes. As always, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!


From the first 15 minutes of episode one, we’re treated (or horrified, depending on how you look at it) by a Supe (person with powers) shrinking down to size Ant-Man style, into a man’s penis…then, exploding inside said man’s penis!!! I mean, this show doesn’t hold back!!! After the events of last season, in which saw Homelander lost not only his love in Stormfront ( a Nazi Supe), but his son, Ryan chose to go with Billy Butcher. Butcher, himself, had to deal with his own anger. After choosing to protect Ryan over killing Homelander (Ryan’s biological mom was Butcher’s love, who Homelander raped.) Butcher placed him in better care, as he was unable to care for a child. The rest of the team, Frenchie and Kimiko, M.M, and Hughie have all gone to fix their personal lives. Starlight, Hughie’s love interest has gone back to the Seven (think a twisted version of the Justice League), and the Seven itself is reeling from The Boys leaking that Stormfront was a Nazi, which hurt Vought Industries (the pharmaceutical company that sponsors The Seven).

Now that we’re caught up, it seems the main theme of season 3 is trying to find a way to kill Homelander, as he’s becoming more and more insane. From almost frying A-Train (think The Flash, but as a black man…and as a sellout.), to making The Deep (think Aquaman who sexually assaults his female teammates) eat a live squid, Homelander is unhinged. As Starlight is co-Captain, this is enough to make Homelander clean house. Ousting former CEO Stan Edgar (played brilliantly by Giancarlo Esposito), Homelander is essentially in charge of the company. Which is a very, very bad thing.


On the Boys’ side, Hughie is trying to work within the system, to legally end Supes abusing their power. M.M is divorced and trying to hold things together, as he digs into his father’s killer. Butcher, Frenchie, and Kimiko work under Hughie to detain illegal Supes. But Butcher is tired of playing by the rules and thanks to his contact, Queen Maeve (Wonder Woman-type heroine), Billy obtains a drug called Temp V. It’s a drug that gives the user superpowers for 24 hours. As Butcher starts to use this, it becomes clear that an eventual confrontation with Homelander while using Temp V, is inevitable. The Boys come together to find a weapon that can kill Homelander, which brings them to a Supe called Soldier Boy. A sick version of Captain America with powers, Soldier Boy is thought to be dead, after stopping a nuclear explosion. But upon realizing that Soldier Boy is still alive (and has connections to M.M’s dad) The Boys set to free him…which turns out to be a disaster. Kimiko loses her powers, Frenchie is indebted to the Russian mafia, and Hughie is hooked on Temp V, The Boys are a hot damn mess! But they may be the only hope with finally Homelander, once and for all. With Starlight’s attempts to turn members of the Seven against him fruitless, Homelander seems to be holding all the cards.


As always, The Boys use the superhero genre to discuss different topics. From A-Train being a corporate lackey and his horrible attempt to quell racial strife in his neighborhood to Starlight not being seen as a sex symbol, to Homelander giving speeches that eerily remind us of certain politicians in power in real life. The Boys is the perfect show that uses pop culture to discuss modern-day issues. So far, a rare 10 out of 10! Be sure to share this, if you enjoyed it, and stay tuned for more reviews and original content. Until next time, fellow blerds!

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