"Star Wars: The Bad Batch" Season Finale Review and Thoughts On The Show, So Far.

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

First off, apologies for not reviewing every episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. I don't know, but the show kinda fell off, in my opinion. For every two great episodes, we almost always saw them on some side quests, which weren't advancing the plot of the story! But here we are, the season finale is here, and it may be one of the best episodes yet! But let's do a quick recap of what happened...the Imperial Invasion on Ryloth happened as planned. And while it was nice to see Star Wars Rebels character Hera in a few episodes, I feel a bit too much time was spent on her. The Bad Batch's handler Cid had to fight off rival crime organizations, and Hunter was taken hostage by Crosshair in the last episode! So with that said, let's get after it! By the way, SPOILERS AHEAD!

We start off with a tense reunion of sorts with Hunter and Crosshair debating on how the Empire is just using Crosshair and Crosshair being fine for the most part with it. Crosshair is also aware that the rest of the Bad Batch will come for their "brother", so he devises a trap for them. By using Hunter's comm-link, Crosshair leads the team back to the planet Kamino, where all clone troopers were created. With the team picking up Hunter's signal, the team is in hot pursuit, Crosshair is met by Admiral Rampart with orders to terminate the clones. But some of the Stormtroopers question Crosshair's allegiance to the Empire. Rampart devises a plan; either Crosshair kills his old squad or Rampart will order all of the clones to be put to death.


The Bad Batch infiltrates the Imperial facility, with Omega feeling upset about returning to her "home" planet. Hunter tries to reason with Crosshair, telling him that the Empire will eventually "retire" all clone troopers. Crosshair coldly responds, "only the ones who don't matter". The Bat Batch enters a lab where they were created, alongside where Omega was created. Not many Kaminoan scientists survived the Empire's occupation. I love the relationship with Hunter and Crosshair; it's very much like a Leonardo vs Raphael vibe. As Hunter begins to tell Crosshair about the inhibitor chip, the Bad Batch makes their move! They head to the training room, where Crosshair is waiting for the team! Hunter questions what Crosshair's plan is, to which Crosshair retorts with how the team betrayed him. He gives the team a "chance". Then Crosshair goes on a tirade, about how the Empire is a necessary evil. When questions about his trust, Crosshair responds by killing four Stormtroopers with a ricochet blast! Crosshair pleads one more time to join the Empire and not to make him an enemy. Hunter responds that they never were. Just then, a group of battle droids was activated, and the team not only have to fight off the machines but keep Crosshair alive!

When Admiral Rampart gets wind of what's happening, all Imperial troops evacuate to a nearby Star Destroyer. Rampart gives Admiral Tarkin an update on the situation. As the clones take out the battle droids, the Bad Batch corner Crosshair, telling him that it's the inhibitor chip making him follow the Empire. Then, Crosshair drops a bomb, saying that he had his chip taken out a long time ago! They stun him unconscious and evacuate the facility. Just then, the Star Destroyer opens fire on the facility, destroying the lab and...cutting to credits!!!


O.K, my thoughts on the show; overall it was well done when it came to the main characters. I love the rivalry between Hunter and Crosshair. And can we say that Crosshair is one of the deadliest shooters in the galaxy!? The way he just bounces blaster bolts into their targets like it's nothing is amazing. The special guest characters were fun, like Kanan and Hera from Rebels, Cad Bane from The Clone Wars, and Fennec Shand from The Mandalorian. Hopefully, in the next season, we can see some surviving Jedi from Order 66, more emphasis on the Bad Batch, and fewer filler missions. I give e the show a 7 out of 10. Post your thoughts below, and until next time fellow blerds!

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