Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season Finale Part Two!

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Ok, so I may have said that my last post was covering the season finale of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. However, the conclusion to the two-parter aired Friday, as opposed to the beginning of the next season! My apologies, fellow blerds! So, why don’t we get into the second part of the conclusion!


As Admiral Rampart is overseeing the sub-orbital bombardment of Kamino, the Bad Batch with former member Crosshair must find a way off the lab that is sinking below! While Crosshair is still standing by the Empire, even though they tried to kill him and deemed him expendable! While Crosshair is fine with that, saying that he knew the risks. Hunter and Omega are trying to get through to him, but they have bigger worries, such as trying to escape the flooding facility before they all drown. The clone troopers, along with Omega and her droid companion AZI, traverse deeper down the flooded facility to move up towards their ship. Along the way, Omega and Crosshair save each other’s lives, during the escape! While Crosshair is still loyal to the Empire, he makes no move against the Bad Batch, when they eventually reach their ship. Crosshair is left, waiting for an Imperial scout ship to pick him up, Meanwhile, the Kaminoan scientist Nala Se arrives with her own squad of Clone Commandos and meets with an unknown Imperial Commander on an unknown planet, with the commander saying that “they’ve been expecting her arrival!


Now, this episode, while lacking in the action, is more symbolic. It really feels like the true end of the Clone Wars era in the Star Wars. Where the Bad Batch goes from here, is really anyone’s guess. Will they help the rebellion? Will they meet any Jedi? Will Crosshair eventually rejoin the group, or will he remain loyal to the Empire? And, just what was Nala Se doing with the Empire? Perhaps another cloning experiment?! Time will tell, but for now, all we can do is speculate until the next season arrives. While the Clone Wars era was perhaps my favorite time period of Star Wars, this episode was a fitting end to that era, with Clone Force 99 looking at their “home” sinking into the ocean, and with Omega saying that “It’s…all gone.” My overall opinion of the show hasn’t changed much, though. I would prefer lees side missions and more straight-to-the-point storytelling, in the next season. But that’s it for me, till next time fellow blerds!

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