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Some of The Best "Lawfully Good" Characters in Fiction!

In life, there are those who stand for and uphold justice. Those who sacrifice everything, for the sake of equality and balance. Despite whatever obstacles come their way, they use the law to their advantage and overcome any opposing force. In this list, we’re going over some of the best “Lawful Good” characters in pop culture.

Cedric Daniels-“The Wire”

In the iconic (and possibly the best cop show ever) series, The Wire, Cedric Daniels has seen a lot. From majors juking stats on crime to politicians lying about how the police department is handling cases, to his own men not being good police, Daniels is an example of what a cop should be. Rather than play the game, Daniels’ integrity won’t allow for foolishness under his command. He’ll take the brunt of his superiors’ wrath and protect his team, rather than sell them out. Daniels is a true example of “good police”, doing his best to clean up the department, instead of leaving it in worse condition for the next generation. Even if he must fire some of his own people for the sake of doing the job right.

Optimus Prime-“Transformers”

Optimus will (and has) laid down his life for justice, not only for his fellow Autobots, but for all creations of life. A towering robot, with weapons and technology superior to that of Earth, Prime chose to protect mankind from the Decepticons. What’s even more, Prime has allowed himself to be governed by the laws of mankind, answering to the U.S Military and never leaving his allies behind. Even in the face of being hunted but the very ones he swore to protect, Prime will do what’s right, rather than seek revenge.

Daredevil-“Marvel Comics”

Matt Murdock has been raised to do the right thing, no matter what. Instilled at a very early age by his father, Matt learned the true purpose of justice. Even after his father was murdered, Murdock kept his father’s promise and became a lawyer. By day, he defends’ his clients, but by night, he protects Hell’s Kitchen as Daredevil. Although breaking the law by being a vigilante, Murdock picks up where the law leaves off. With his morality influenced by law and his faith in Catholicism, Murdock will throw hands with anyone to protect his city. But he’s not above answering for his past transgressions. On multiple times, Matt has surrendered himself to the police, not just out of some sort of penance, but because he feels it's right. Talk about dedication to the law.

Superman- “DC Comics”

For too long now, whenever we see Superman, we see a twisted version of the hero. But he’s a true boy scout. Standing up for truth and Justice, Clark Kent was taught to see the good in everyone. With the powers of a god, Superman instead taught to live as a man. Humble to the end, Clark has stood up for people everywhere, not just against alien tyrants and invasions, but against corrupt lawmakers and officials. Superman is not beneath answering to the governments of the world for his actions.

Lin Beifong-“The Legend of Korra”

The dutiful police chief of Republic City, Lin is a strict enforcer of the law. A no-nonsense Earth-Bender and the daughter of legendary Toph Beifong, Lin wanted to be just like her mom. Perhaps too much like her. Nearly uncompromising, and a staunch believer in procedure, Lin will arrest anyone who breaks the law. From her own sister (who was just hanging with the wrong crowd) to the Avatar Korra, herself. Very rarely, will Lin break protocol, unless it's for the greater good.

Misty Knight-Marvel Comics

A Harlem detective with a bionic arm, Misty Knight is a detective who, in her own words, “stalks justice”. Misty takes protecting her neighborhood seriously. Taking the law and being a cop seriously, Misty Knight doesn’t rest until corruption is stomped out. A great example is when in the “Luke Cage” series, she investigates dirty cops, and crooked politicians and often teams up with Cage to stop mob wars and superpowered criminals on the street.

That’s all for this list. Did I miss any out? Post who you think is a good candidate for the “lawfully good” category. What category should I do next? Till next time, fellow blerds.

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