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She-Hulk Finale!!! 4th Wall Breaks, Cameos, And More!

The season finale to She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is here, and it left quite the impression!!! Multiple cameos, easter eggs, 4th wall being obliterated, and more! But, as always, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!


Jen is locked up in a similar cell that Emil Blonsky was in, by Damage Control. Her friends arrive and tell Jennifer that she can be released only on the condition that she doesn’t transform into She-Hulk. Begrudgingly agreeing, Jen wears a power regulator, loses her job, and now lives with her parents. While slightly depressed, Jen refuses to give up on finding out who Intelligencia is. Suggested by Nikki to relax some, Jen reaches out to Emil at his resort cabin. Meanwhile, Nikki and Pug create a plan for Pug to infiltrate Intellengencia’s hideout and clear Jen’s name. With Nikki outside, Pug pretends to be a member, and discovers that one of Jen’s dates runs the group! Todd Phelps (the creepy dude with the power fetish) is the leader and he hired Abomination as a motivational speaker!

At the resort, Jen discovers that Blonsky is working with Intelligencia, and then Bruce shows up out of nowhere! So does Titania! And Todd stole Jen’s blood, so he has powers now. Then, in the show’s best moment, She-Hulk breaks the 4th wall again, going into the Marvel tab on the Disney Plus app and going to Marvel Studios. Wanting a better ending, She-Hulk asks the writers who’s in charge. They tell her that K.E.V.I.N makes all the decisions, so she makes her way toward him. When she finds K.E.V.I.N, (Knowledge Enhanced Visual Interconnectivity Nexus) a machine that designs Marvel projects, she’s explained that the show needs more action. Jennifer complains, however. Stating that the episode has a cliché, in the villain gaining the hero’s power (which, ironically is a plot point for a lot of Marvel films. Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Captain America: The First Avenger, The Incredible Hulk, Ant-Man, for example). Instead, she wants the plot a little neater. While name-dropping other projects like the X-Men, Jen asks for certain moments changes. No battle royale, no Titania, no Hulk, and more Daredevil. Instead, Blonsky returns to jail for his involvement with Intellengcia, Todd is sued by Jen, Daredevil shows up out of nowhere and stays for a family cookout, where Bruce shows up! Bruce also makes a bombshell announcement, introducing his son, Skaar! We also see Wong break Emil out of prison again, apparently some sort of agreement between the two. With that, the ending of She-Hulk: Attorney of Law has concluded!

Ever since the show first aired, people have been criticizing She-Hulk, saying things like it’s “woke” or it’s the worst of MCU’s Phase 4. I say this, the critics are missing the point. While the show isn’t perfect (the sudden arrival of Skaar felt like it should be in a film, rather than a series, and some of the CGI looked a little iffy.), it can be clearly shown that this isn’t the typical action-packed MCU project. Its central focus is on comedy and how Jennifer can balance being a lawyer and a Hulk. I also see some critics saying that shows like Iron Fist is better than She-Hulk…. what show were they watching!? The show is also self-aware, mocking the trolls and itself. Basically, It’s Seinfeld and Ally McBeal mixed with superheroes. There were some subplots that I felt could have been rushed, and some that could have used more exploration, but I doubt this is the last we see of She-Hulk. I give the show 7.5 out of 10. Tell me your comments below, and till next time fellow blerds!

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