She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Eposide 1 Review

It’s finally here! The premiere of Marvel’s She-Hulk has arrived on Disney Plus, and I must say, this is super-hero comedy done right! While many were complaining about the tone of the show, and how the CGI looked, I’m happy to say that this show has promise! Before I continue, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!


The show starts us off with Jennifer Walters prepping for a case in court. But surprisingly (or not, if you read any of her comic books) Jen breaks the 4th wall to formally introduce herself and how the show isn’t like any of the other Marvel shows. More importantly, she explains how she became a Hulk in the first place. Flashback to a few weeks’ time, where she and cousin Bruce Banner are driving on the road. While jokes about Captain America’s virginity, a Sakkar spaceship comes out of nowhere, causing them to crash. Jen can get out first, but she’s cut. Bruce is pulled out, but his inhibitor device (that allows him to stay as Banner) is broken. As some blood is mixed, Bruce warns Jen to get away as he’s about to “Hulk Out”. As their blood mixes, Jen begins to transform. Blacking out, she stumbles into some bar, and to her surprise, a group of women helps with Jen’s clothes. While waiting for a ride, some guys hassle her outside. This triggers another transformation, but Bruce (now, as Hulk) tackles her before things get out of hand.


Some time has passed, and Jen is in Bruce’s lab. Bruce tells Jen that he and Tony built the place before he died (we can still see that Stark’s death still hits Bruce hard). As Bruce explains how Jen’s DNA is so rare to absorb Gamma radiation, he also tells her that they need to figure out how to control it. At first, Jen is hesitant, as all she wants to do is to be a lawyer. Bruce insists on her training to become a superhero, however. And so, we’re set on a funny training montage, with Bruce teaching the ins and out’s of being a Hulk. While reluctant, Jen actually picks up on things faster than Bruce expected. Even being able to change at will (something Bruce struggles with, due to his struggles with being calm.) They even get into a little scuffle; with Jen learning some moves like the Thunderclap and the Ground Pound. Eventually, Bruce accepts that Jen is different and that her life is hers to live. As Bruce drops Jen off, we catch up to where Jen is about to give her opening statement. Just then, a super-powered woman busts through the courtroom. Reluctantly, Jen changes into She-Hulk and knocks her out with one punch before turning back into Jen.

I’ll be honest; I wasn’t checking for this show. With the rumors that it was going to be more comedy-based, and with Marvel needing to add a laughing track every five minutes into their recent films. Not saying that humor is bad, but they have a habit of overdoing it. Also, with special guests coming (Ahem, Daredevil!!), one wonders how Marvel is going to portray certain characters. Also, fans have been critical of how Hulk has been portrayed. From a savage brute who ragdolled Loki, to a being who mixed the monster and the man together to get “Smart Hulk”. While some may say that after the beating from Thanos, Hulk may have lost his appeal, I say this is EXACTLY like in the comics. Banner’s Hulk persona has multiple personalities, so it's no surprise that we're getting Smart Hulk. Imagine if we got Mr. Fixit or WorldBreaker Hulk. But that’s all for now! I’ll give She-Hulk an 8 out of 10. Till next time, fellow blerds

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