She-Hulk: Attonrey at Law Episode 2 Review!

Episode 2 of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law is out, and while it felt quick, there was quite a bit to discuss! As always, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

We start with the aftermath of the “fight in court with Jen and “the super-powered influencer”, Titanna. After the media gets ahold of it and proclaims Jen officially as “She-Hulk”. While she hates the name, it sticks as Jen and her friends go to a bar to celebrate her new-found status. Unfortunately, Jen’s actions have gotten her fired as a Deputy DA, due to making the jury biased in favor of super-powered beings. After a quick montage of being rejected by employers, Jen goes to her family’s home, where she’s bombarded with superhero-related questions. Only her dad seems to care about Jen’s actual state. Reassuring that everything will work out, Jen continues her quest for employment.


Back at the bar, Jen is approached by the CEO of GLK and H (the opposing law firm, against Jen’s case, last episode.) They specialize in “Super-powered related cases” and want to hire Jen as the face of their “Superhero Law Division”. Accepting the offer, Jen’s expected to be She-Hulk full-time, and she breaks the fourth wall, letting us know her disappointment. Adding to her dismay, Jen’s first case is for Emil Blonsky aka The Abomination! (From The Incredible Hulk, way, way back in 2008). After arguing the fact that he tried to kill Jen’s cousin, if she doesn’t take the case, she won’t have a job at the law firm. Reluctantly, Jen goes to The Raft to meet Blonsky. While Blonsky is in human form, he claims to have been a changed person. He’s arguing to be released on parole. Emil argues that the U.S. Government is responsible for him being Abomination and destroying half of Harlem. He asks Jen to be his lawyer, and after a sob story, Jen ponders on the offer. At her apartment, Jen calls Bruce to give him the details and wonders if she should take the job. Bruce tells her that he’s ok with Jen representing Blonsky, and we also find out that Bruce is in space!!! Possible Planet Hulk storyline?! Jen calls Mr. Holloway to accept the case, to which he tells her to turn on the news. A news report shows Abomination in an underground fight club, breaking out of prison! (From the movie, Shang-Chi!).


Like I said, a surprisingly quick episode, but this one deals with setting some nice conflicts that Jen will have to solve. There are some nice references to the iconic 90’s art, with She-Hulk working out on the beach, callbacks to Eternals and Wolverine easter egg! While no action was present, this isn’t the type of show to expect that kind of stuff. Episode 2 of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law gets a 7 out of 10. Post your thoughts in the comments below, and till next time fellow Blerds!!!

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