Prey Review! They FINALLY Made a Great Predator Movie, Again!

Since the late 80s, the Predator franchise has had some highs and lows. From Arnold Swarzanegger first tangled with the alien hunter, the films have tried to hang in there with some success. But, after the last outing, The Predator, fans were wondering if the movies would ever return to glory. Well, despite doubts from critice, Prey did what previous films failed to do; make a great Predator film! Before i continue, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!


The film's setting is in colonial times and is centered around the Commanche Tribe. The movie's main character Naru (played by Amber Midthunder) is training to become a hunter. But to the chagrin of her brother Taabe (Dakota Beavers) and others, they think she will be better suited as a healer. Determined, Naur is set to prove the naysayers wrong, and earn her right to become a hunter. Skilled in tracking and eager to prove herself, Naru attempts to earn respect while hunting a mountain lion that injured one of their tribe. While hunting the lion, a familiar creature arrives. Using technology that is futuristic (the iconic invisible camouflage) but using slightly primitive weapons, the Predator begins his savage hunt. Searching for the most dangerous game, the Predator kills lions, wolves, and bears and eventually sets its sights on the Commanche tribe. While Naru sees it, no one believes her, so Naru sets out to get proof of this new creature. One by one, the Predator picks off the hunters in a brutal fashion. However, Naru and her brother also have to deal with French pelters, who want to use them for bait to lure the Predator out. Ultimately, Naru will have to overcome her fear and use her skills to stand a chance.


Man, when I say I didn't expect anything from this movie, I mean it! After Alien vs Predator, I was convinced that we wouldn't get a truly good Predator movie. I'm glad that I was wrong! Prey has that same feeling of dread and suspense that the first Predator had. Even with "primitive" weapons that were still advanced, compared to the Commanche's, the Predator still shows why it's a force to be reckoned with. Director Dan Trachtenberg captured the vibe of "hunt or be hunted", the visceral violence that's connected to the Predator films, and the callbacks to earlier movies are appreciated. What's more, the film's main character, Naru, shows how to overcome the odds, when everyone counts you out. No one in her entire tribe thought she could be a hunter. Even some of her brother's friends underestimated her until she ran the fade with them! She threw hands with them, the French pelt collectors who captured her, and during the final confrontation, it's surprisingly well done! Fox and Hulu, take a bow. I'm giving Prey an 8 out of 10 That's it for me, till next time fellow blerds!

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