Obi-Wan Kenobi Parts IV And V Review!

Man, if you have been disappointed by how Disney has been handling the Star Wars franchise, you clearly haven’t been watching Obi-Wan Kenobi! This review will cover Parts IV and V of the show, so some SPOILERS AHEAD!!!


Part Iv deals with Obi-Wan still reeling from his near-death at the hands of Darth Vader. Barley alive, Tala places “Ben” in a Bacta Tank for him to heal. At the same time, we also see Vader back in his fortress on Mustafar, in his own tank. Flashes of their recent duel (if you can call it that) play through both of their minds. But Obi-Wan rushes out of the tank and frantically asks where Leia is. We learn that Leia is on Fortress Inquisitorious, on the planet Nur. Third Sister is interrogating Leia for more information about The Path (the escape route that deserters and traitors use, to run from the Empire). Leia, of course, is sassy with her responses. Back on Jabim, Obi-Wan is met by Path member, Rouken (played by O’Shea Jackson Jr.) and needs to rescue Leia. After some hesitation, Rouken agrees to help them come up with a plan. As Tala provides a distraction as an Imperial Officer, Obi-Wan swims through a passage underwater, to enter the facility.

While Reva tries to lie to Leia, saying that Kenobi is dead, Leia resists, even holding off Reva’s Mind Probing. Tired of her insolence, Reva moves Leia to a type of torture chamber (if you played Fallen Order, or when Han Solo was put in this in Empire Strikes Back, you may remember it.) As Reva provides a distraction to stop Reva, Ben discovered the bodies of Jedi survivors of Order 66 incased in some sort of ember tombs. While Tala spins how she’s a spy to Reva, Obi-Wan rescues Leia, taking out Stormtroopers like it's nothing!


Lightsaber in hand, Obi-Wan takes out the troopers and uses the Force to cause a water spill inside the hall, granting him an escape. As Ben and Leia reunite with Tala, they make their way to the hanger bay. Reva stops them, with a squad of Stormtroopers, and as things look grim, two snowspeeders provide cover fire for the three to escape. While they fly off in one of them, Reva uses the Force to throw a box of grenades at the other Snowspeeder. As the rest of the Inquisitors shoot looks at Reva, we see a PISSED OFF Darth Vader Force-Choking Reva, reminding her of the price of failure. But Reva has a trick up her sleeve, as she explains that she placed a tracker on Leia’s droid (LoLa). So, wherever it goes, they can follow. Vader conveys him underestimating Reva, as the chase continues…


Alright, now THIS IS WHERE THE FUN BEGINS!!! (If you know, then you know). Part V starts off with one of the best moments in recent Star Wars. We see a flashback of Anakin Skywalker (played by Hayden Christenson) before the events of Attack of The Clones! As Anakin waits for Obi-Wan, we see the friendship that the two had before. Obi-Wan and Anakin have a friendly duel, with Anakin being aggressive and Obi-Wan on defense. While the two Jedi trade quips on how to win, it seems that Anakin has the advantage. Disarming him, Anakin is feeling confident in being the victor, but Ob-Wan drops some knowledge on the young Padawan, saying that Anakin’s need for victory blinds him. He shows this, when Obi-Wan turns the tables on his student, disarming Anakin. While giving Anakin props for being a great warrior, he tells Anakin that until he learns control, a Padawan he’ll still be.

Flash-forward to the present, while on an Imperial Stat-Destroyer, Darth Vader awards Reva the title of Grand Inquisitor. As they approach the planet, Jabim, Reva asks how they will break the runaways on the planet, Vader coldly replies, “It is not them we need to break…”. Back on Jabim, Kenobi, Tala, and Leia are greeted by Rouken and Raja. As they make plans to escape the planet with the runaways, we learn more about both Tala and why she chose to defect from the Empire. We also learn that Bail Organa sent a message to Kenobi, wondering about the mission. If Bail doesn’t hear from him soon, then Bail will go to Tatooine, to help with Owen Lars and Luke. Upon hearing that the Star-Destroyer is right above the base, Obi-Wan rallies the campers, saying that they don’t need to win the fight, just hold them off long enough so they can escape. As Vader orders the attack to begin, we see Imperial Stormtroopers land and set up heavy cannons, ready to burst down the defenses. Sensing Vader’s presence, Obi-Wan goes to the reinforced door. As he tries to talk to Reva, who just landed, we discover that Reva is a survivor of Order 66, and that a young Darth Vader (before he got burned on Mustafar.) stabbed her, killing the younglings that she tried to save. She angrily asks Kenobi where he was when Vader slaughtered her friends. Ben pleads with her that together, they can take Vader down. But Reva declines, stabbing the door with her lightsaber. Force-Pushing her and the troops back, a battle ensues, with the campers running towards the ship. Sadly, Tala dies in the battle, but not before buying them some time by detonating a grenade and taking some Imps out.

As Leia makes repairs to the door that’s blocking their escape, Vader is on approach. Sensing this, Obi-Wan “surrenders” to Reva, reminding her of the families in the cavern and taunting Reva to not let Vader kill them like he did, in the Jedi Temple. As Reva orders the Stormtrooper to take Kenobi away, their plan begins, as Ben quickly dispatches the Imps. As Darth Vader makes his way to the ship, we see him using the Force to stop the ship from taking off! Pushing it down, Vader telekinetically rips open the hull, only to find that it was a decoy for another ship. Seeing the ship take off, Vader is visibly seething with anger. Sensing this may be the only moment, Reva sneaks behind Vader and…gets stopped right in her tracks!

Vader uses the Force to repel all of Reva’s attacks and eventually takes her own Lightsaber from her. Snapping it in two, Vader tosses one saber to Reva. Engaging, Reva does everything she can, but it’s no use, as Vader is toying with her. Barley deflecting her attacks, Vader rips her lightsaber from Reva and stabs her in the chest. Saying that Darth Vader always knew Reva was one of the survivors, the real Grand Inquisitor arrives. Adding insult to injury, he states that they will leave her where they found her, in the dirt like trash! As they leave Reva, still alive, discovers Bail’s message for Obi-Wan. On the getaway ship, Obi-Wan senses that something is wrong, as we see the Lars homestead with young Luke sleeping.

Wow! While Part IV was kinda lacking in action (but making up with Lore and callbacks to Jedi: Fallen Order), Part V was peak Star Wars. It shows the rage of Darth Vader that we’ve only seen in recent games and comics, brought to live-action. This really hit home the fact that you can’t really beat Darth Vader; you can only survive. (Unless you’re essential to the plot, lol). Seeing a young Anakin, played by Hayden Christenson was also a treat, especially for Prequel fans! Plus, we got to see red-on-red Lightsaber action, live-action for the first time! It also humanizes Reva, as we see her go from Jedi youngling to Inquisitor. She wanted revenge for so long, only for it to escape her grasp. And what’s even sadder, is that Vader knew the whole time, who she was and used her anyway! As the finale to the series comes ever so closely, I for one, am eagerly anticipating how it’s gonna go down. 9 out of 10, for me! Till next time, fellow blerds!!!

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