Obi-Wan Kenobi Finale!!! Battle Of Heroes Redux

The finale to Obi-Wan Kenobi is here!!! And, it does NOT disappoint! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!


The episode begins right where we left off, with Obi-Wan, Rouken, Leia, and the survivors of “The Path” in pursuit of the Empire. As an Imperial Star Destroyer chases them down, Darth Vader is having tunnel vision, ordering for more firepower and to keep on Kenobi. Realizing that Vader won’t stop, Obi-Wan tells everyone that he will draw the Empire off, giving the others time to escape. After hearing the objections of Leia and Rouken, Obi-Wan assures them that it’s the only way, as Vader won’t resist coming after him. Upon saying his goodbyes to them, he gives Leia a blaster holster, acknowledges Rouken as a great leader, and tries to talk to his former master, Qui-Gon Jinn, one final time. Resolute in ending this, once and for all, Kenobi takes off in a drop ship and heads for a desolate moon. As he sees Kenobi break off, he orders a shuttle prepared, much to the objections of the Grand Inquisitor. He respectfully tells Vader that they cannot focus all their efforts on just one Jedi. Vader coldly replies, “He is not just any Jedi.” Vader leaves in his shuttle, and the Star Destroyer fires on Kenobi’s ship instead.


Back on Tatooine, an injured Reva is looking for Owen, after discovering that Vader’s son is on-planet. When Owen discovers this, he and his wife Beru plan to protect young Luke, even with Beru pulling out some blaster rifles! Ride-or-die energy, right there. As they wait for nightfall, Owen and Beru wait for Reva’s arrival.

When Vader lands on the barren moon, he sees Obi-Wan waiting for him. When Vader asks if Ben is here to destroy him, Obi-Wan responds that he will do what he must, getting into a fighting stance. As Vader responds, “Then you will die.”, a fierce lightsaber duel ensues! As Kenobi is back in fighting form, Vader acknowledges such but mentions that his weakness is still there, using the Force to throw boulders at Kenobi. Vader causes the ground to collapse under Kenobi, causing him to fall. Taking the high ground (if you get it, you get it, lol), Vader uses the Force to throw even more rocks and boulders on top of Kenobi. Thinking him defeated, Vader says, “Goodbye, Master…”, and walks off. As Ben is trapped under tons of rubble, he uses the Force to stop him from getting crushed, but he’s struggling. Thinking of Luke and Leia, Obi-Wan uses a powerful Force Push to escape.

As Vader continues to his shuttle, he stops, and barely blocks a sneak attack! The fight isn’t over yet, as Kenobi gains momentum! From pushing Vader back to pelting Vader with boulders and finally damaging his breathing apparatus! Weakened, Obi-Wan slashes Vader’s helmet, revealing a still-scarred Anakin. Upon seeing Anakin’s burned face, he tearfully apologizes for all the pain that has happened. Vader responds that he is not Obi-wan’s failure and that Kenobi didn’t kill Anakin Skywalker. But Vader did, eyes glowing yellow with a twisted smile, on his face. Obi-Wan responds that his friend is truly dead. Acknowledging Anakin by his Sith title, he leaves Vader behind as Vader screams Kenobi’s name…

Back on Tatooine, Reva arrives at the Lars homestead and is ambushed by Owen and Beru. Blocking shots with her lightsaber, she makes quick work of them and gives chase to young Luke. Knocking him out, she attempts to make the killing blow. As Obi-Wan leaves, he senses Luke in danger. Flying at lightspeed, he arrives at the Lars's home, asking where Luke is. Then, we see a remorseful Reva carrying Luke. Still alive, she gives the boy to his family and breaks down. She tearfully realizes that she couldn’t become a monster like Vader. Obi-Wan tells her that she hasn’t and that both she and he are free of the past.

Some time has passed, and we’re left with Vader back in his Fortress, in Mustafar. He tells Emperor Palpatine that he won’t stop until he finds Kenobi. Palpatine “suggests” that Vader seems agitated and that he needs to let go of his past. Knowing that this is really a threat, Vader corrects himself, saying that Kenobi is nothing and that he is Palpatine’s servant. While Leia is reunited with her family, Ben visits her on Alderran and tells her that she’s very much like her mother. Going to Tatooine, he and Owen make amends, with Ben saying that Luke just needs to be a boy for right now, and not a Jedi. Greeting Luke with the now-famous line, “Hello there.”, Obi-Wan travels into the Dune Sea. Just then, we see the Force Ghost of Qui-Gon Jinn appear! Saying that he was always here and that Ben wasn’t ready to see him yet, Jinn tells Obi-Wan that he still has the training to do…

Wow! What an episode! From the duel with Vader to the callbacks to the Prequels and the Original Trilogy, this is peak Star Wars. And while this series first with canon, I have an unpopular opinion…I don’t want a second season. I feel that this is a near-perfect story that leads into the Original Trilogy, and if we get another season, it may mess up the canon. The duel was great, with Ben using his traditional Form 3 style, and Vader being the fastest we’ve ever seen in on-screen. Reva got quite an arc as well, and I wouldn’t mind seeing her again. Maybe in a certain upcoming video game. Leia was just as sassy as she will be and seeing Hayden Christenson getting so much love is great. I give Obi-Wan Kenobi a 9 out of 10! Post your thought below in the comment section, and till next time fellow blerds!

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