Hawkeye Episode 5 Review! The King Has Returned!

Wow…just, wow! This episode of Hawkeye really made fans glad to watch the show1 Before we get into it, however, SPOILERS AHEAD! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

After the events of the last episode, with Yelena Bulova entering the fray, Clint cuts off Kate and goes on his own. But from the start of this episode, we get some flashbacks into Yelena’s dealings. After trying to save one of her fellow “sisters” we see that Yelena was “Blipped” out of existence. What felt like five seconds for her was five years! After Kate checks in with her mom she goes to her loft, only to find Yelena waiting for her! After some surprisingly polite chat, Yelena tells Kate that she’s hired to kill Clint and that she believes Clint is responsible for Natasha Romanov’s death. As she questions how Clint is absolved of his crimes as Ronin due to him being an Avenger, Yelena makes it absolutely clear that she is going to try to kill him and for Kate to stay out of her way.


Clint, in the meanwhile, is forced to put on the Ronin suit one last time. After he explains to his wife Laura about the situation, she understands and tells him to do whatever he needs to do to keep his family safe. After visiting a memorial honoring The Battle of New York, Clint contacts Maya and the Tracksuits, telling her to come to the place where Ronin killed her father. Maya and her crew try to set Clint up, but Clint is true to his ninja skills, taking them down one by one. Eventually, Maya and Clint have a brief hand-to-hand fight, with Clint gaining the upper hand and revealing his identity. He warns her that if she comes after his family, then his face will be the last thing she ever sees. Clint also tells Maya that there was an informant who tipped him off, about her father’s dealings. When Maya tries to sneak attack, Kate comes in with the save. Escaping, Clint and Kate reunite and head to Grills’ place. Maya, on the other hand, meets Kazi and asks him why he wasn’t there that night. Kazi gives some b.s answer, putting more suspicions into her head. After resting up, Kate gets a text from Yelena, revealing that Kate’s mother hired her, and sends a picture of a man talking to Eleanor. Kate looks terrified, asking Clint who her mom is talking to. Clint dreadfully confirms that it’s the man he was worried about; the Kingpin of Crime himself, Wilson Fisk!!!


I’ll say it again…WOW! Marvel and Disney are really going H.A.M, into bringing back fan-loved characters! So many questions, so few answers. How is Fisk out of prison, after the events of Daredevil season 3?! Did he get blipped? And will we see Fisk’s nemesis, Daredevil make an appearance in the finale?! Only time will tell, but I’m here to tell you folks, the MCU is about to be lit! Post your thoughts below and till next time fellow blerds!!!

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