Hawkeye, and My Personal Thoughts on the MCU Shows, So Far...

The new M.C.U show Hawkeye is here, and after three episodes in, I’m feeling…meh about it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s about time that the Avengers’ archer gets some more screen time, but my issues aren’t with the character or the show itself. It’s with how the show feels in comparison to others before it (cough, Daredevil, cough) and conclude that Disney and Marvel are just churning out projects that will make them money but leave out quality storytelling. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed Wanda/Vision, Falcon and The Winter Soldier (the best of the live-action M.C.U shows so far), and Loki. But I guess I feel burned out by the quantity of content, instead of feeling the quality of their shows. Again, I’m glad to see characters like the Scarlet Witch, Sam Wilson, and Hawkeye get more screentime, (also can’t wait for my boi War Machine to get his own show, Armor Wars!), but I hope that the creators can be given more freedom from the Mouse and just tell great stories, rating be damned. Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk, and on to the reviews!


Episode 1 shows us a young Kate Bishop being inspired by Clint Barton aka Hawkeye, after seeing him in action against the Chitarui in Avengers. Years later, after gaining skills in archery, martial arts, and free-running, Kate is doing her best not to disappoint her mother (played by Vera Farmiga) but finds her own calling. Meanwhile, Clint is in New York taking his kids to see a Broadway play based on The Avengers, and we can clearly see that he’s still going through some trauma after the events of Endgame with his best friend Black Widow dying. We also see Clint suffering from partial loss of hearing (just like the comics!). When Kate has suspicions about her mother’s wealthy fiancée, she investigates that he may be into some criminal activity. While at a black-market auction, the Tracksuit Mafia shows up, stealing valuables. Kate notices the Ronin suit (which Clint used in the time after Infinity War up till Endgame) and takes it while stopping some of the Tracksuits. Once Clint gets wind of this, he tracks Kate down.


Episode 2 gives us some quality chemistry with Kate and Clint, the whole “master and student” vibe is apparent. Kate informs him of the murder that she’s connected to, and how suspicious her mother’s fiancée is acting. Clint needs more proof, so while Kate befriends a lovable dog, Clint manages to send his family back home with the promise of making it home for Christmas. He gets the suit back (in the most hilarious way, by play-fighting with cosplay fans) and finds the Tracksuits and fakes being held hostage. Kate tries to rescue him but ends up being captured. The Tracksuits inform their leader, Echo of new events.


Episode 3 gives us not only more backstory on Echo, showing us how she overcame her disabilities and became not only a great fighter but the new leader of the Tracksuits. A very cool escape scene occurs, with some very cool trick arrows being used by Kate and Clint (including a Pym Particle Arrow?!). After Echo talks (via sign language) to her cousin about running the gang, they step up their efforts to find out what Clint knows about Ronin, considering Ronin killed a loved one of Echo’s. Clint’s hearing aid is broken, and Kate must help him communicate with his family (in a touching scene, I might add). The two head back to Kate’s to access her mother’s security database to find more intel about both the Tracksuits and the suspicious fiancée.

So, first thoughts about the show; it’s not terrible, but it’s not great. There is still time for the show to be improved, and there is a rumor about Kingpin (from Daredevil) making an appearance. We’ll see how things will play out. Till next time, fellow blerds!

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