"Batman" The Long Halloween Part 1" Review! More Se7en, than superhero!

I gotta say, with the new direction Warner Brothers was going with their animated movies, I was skeptical of their new releases. However, when I watched this film, not only did it exceed my expectations, but it successfully adapted on of the best Batman graphic novels of all time! "Batman: The Long Halloween" features a rookie Dark Knight teaming up with Commissioner Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent to hunt down a serial killer who targets mobsters connected to the Falcone crime family during holidays. The movie also features appearances from Catwoman (voiced by Naya Rivera, in her last role before she died, tragically) and the Joker, as Batman tries to solve the mystery of these killings.


"Batman: The Long Halloween" also focuses on the personal lives of Bruce Wayne, as he struggles with being Batman while keeping a relationship with Selina Kyle, Gordon being a husband and father while still being a cop, and Dent's struggle with staying true to the law while seeking other means of justice. The movie does a good job adapting most of the graphic novel of the same name to animation, while changing some details and padding some moments in the story, to add more action. But perhaps, my most enjoyable parts about the movie was the overall theme of it. It felt less like a usual superhero story, and more like a crime thriller! The lack of a musical score in certain scenes really makes you pay attention to the events on screen, and it does give you vibes of a crime mystery.

Another noticeable feature is that Batman is not the all powerful "prep-time" crime fighter that he's usually depicted as in most comics or animated movies. Throughout the film, he's constantly challenged to actually solve crimes, not just fight criminals with his fists. He's constantly one step behind the killer, "Holiday", before he puts two and two together. And even then, more questions than answers arrive! The voice acting is also great, which is expected from DC animated movies. From Jenson Akcles, Troy Baker, Billy Burke, Naya Rivera, and Alastair Duncan, each character is fleshed out, and it's a wonderful feeling. The only real negative I have, is that the story is split into two parts. Normally, this is a 50-50 chance of success. In usual two-parter movies, one part is usually better than the other. Hopefully, part two will be at least, equal in entertainment value. Especially with what happens in the novel!

Overall, I give "Batman: The Long Halloween", a 8 out of 10! What did you think? Post your comments bellow, and till next time fellow blerds!

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