When He Knows You Know!


After decades, fans have finally gotten a sequel to one of their most beloved Halloween classics. Hocus Pocus 2 is available on Disney Plus, just in time for the Halloween theme! But the question is; will the sequel be any better than the original? But first, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

29 years have passed since the Sanderson Sisters wreaked havoc on Salem, and now, three high school teenagers have accidentally resurrected Winifred, Sara, and Mary back from the grave. This time, however, Winifred isn’t using potions anymore, to achieve her goal of eternal life. She aims to be the most powerful witch of all, no matter how many children’s souls she must consume! The teenagers, Becca and Izzy find the Black Candle (from the first film,) and since the ritual needs a full moon and a virgin, they accidentally bring back the Sandersons. While enamored by the new century, the Sandersons’ goal is to live forever and settle a personal score; exact revenge on a descendant of a Reverend who banished them from their home when they were children. As the girls try to stall the witches, a witch-themed shop owner, Gilbert, is helping the Sandersons perform the Magicae Maxima spell. It’s up to Becca, Izzy and a still resurrected Billy Butcherson (the good zombie from the first movie) to put an end to the Sanderson Sisters!

First off, it's great to see the original sisters, Bette Midler, Sara Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy reprise their roles again. They haven’t lost their chemistry together. Having more of their backstory explained, also humanizes them a bit, showing that they weren’t always out for children’s souls. Quite the “face turn” from the child killers they used to be in the first movie. Yup, they definitely killed a little girl to rejuvenate themselves in the first Hocus Pocus! But I suppose they were going for a lighter theme, this time around. Whitney Peak and Belissa Escobedo co-star as Becca and Izzy, bringing youthful flair to the film. Doug Jones, a famous contortionist, returns as Billy, who is given some character development this time. Sam Richardson as Gilbert brings some comedy. Also, stars from RuPaul’s Drag Race make their guest appearances with, Ginger Minj, Kahomora Hall, and Korbread Jete, dressing up as the Sandersons. While nostalgia and fan service certainly give the sequel flair, I was kinda disappointed with the slight lack of adult humor that was present in the first film. Different times, I know, but it would have been nice. And the film, itself, felt a little rushed. Overall, this was a movie that both cast members and fans have been waiting for, and it put a spell on us all. I give Hocus Pocus 2 and 7.5 out of 10. What are your thoughts about the film? Post your comments below, and till next time, fellow blerds!

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Another She-Hulk two-part review! Sorry for the delay, folks. Fortunately, the show is picking up speed. ESPECIALLY with “you-know-who’s” appearance! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before we start, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

The Retreat begins with Jen hooking up with a gentleman, Miller, from the last episode! Everything seems to be going well for Jen. Dates, texting, and some “grown-up” time. But out of the blue, Miller ghosts Jen. No more calls, texts, nothing. While dealing with this, Jennifer gets a call from Emil Blonsky’s parole officer. Apparently, the power inhibitor is damaged, and it may be possible that Blonsky may be attempting to leave the state. As it turns out, upon driving to Blonsky’s retreat, it’s only malfunctioned. Also, Emil is helping other super-powered individuals with their emotional issues. Unfortunately for Jen, two C-Listers, Man-Bull and El Aguila damaged Jen’s car, so she has to stay until repairs are done. While at the retreat, Jen meets more C-List villains, (including Wrecker from the Wrecking Crew, who attacked her in Episode 2!), and reluctantly expresses herself on how she’s viewed versus how she wants to be viewed. Emil and the group encouraged her to embrace both sides of herself, Jen, and She-Hulk. Later, we find that Miller is secretly working for the She-Hulk hate group, “Intelligencia” and stole a sample of her DNA!!

Ribbit and Rip It is the latest episode. We see a lame appearance of Leap-Frog, failing to stop a robbery. After hiring She-Hulk to represent him, for faulty equipment failure, she discovers that the same person who invented Leap-Frog’s suit is the stylist that made Jen’s special clothes. As Luke Jacobson is furious that Jen’s serving him a summons, he hires his own lawyer…Matt Murdock! We witness a legal battle of wits between Jen and Matt, with Matt stating that due to Leap-Frog’s failure of using the proper fuel for his jet boots, Jacobson isn’t legally responsible. Therefore, Matt wins his case, leaving Jen out of a designer for the Southern California Law Awards Gala. However, Matt and Jen share drinks, with Matt encouraging her to help people as both a lawyer and She-Hulk. While they certainly share a vibe, Matt gets a call and excuses himself. At home, Jen gets a call from Leap-Frog saying he’s being “attacked”. We see Jen finally putting on her super-suit, and just when she reaches Leap-Frog’s location, Daredevil jumps in. A brief scuffle between the two occurs, and can we say Matt has gotten a huge buff in skills! Jumping and flipping with ease, and with a new red and yellow costume! They discover that Leap-Frog kidnapped Luke, so they work together to save him. While Matt uses stealth, Jen smashes as only She-Hulk can. Together, they free Jacobson, who reluctantly makes Jen a dress for the gala. Jen and Matt share a romantic moment, which leaves them having some…” alone time”. After Matt leaves, Jen is ready for the gala. Upon receiving an award, “Intelligencia” strikes, hacking into the feed, bashing and shaming Jen. Enraged, Jen breaks the teleprompter and goes into a rage. While attempting to capture an “Intellegencia” agent. The Department of Damage Control stops her, guns at the ready!

Daredevil coming back, the secret organization making their move, She-Hulk “Hulking out”, it’s all coming together. My question is, what now? Will Jen lose her job? Will Matt come back and defend her case? And, who is behind “Intelligencia”?! 9 out of 10, for me! Post your comments below, and till next time, fellow blerds!

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