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Sorry for lacking in my reviews on She-Hulk, everyone. It's not that I haven't enjoyed the show, but life sometimes gets in the way. So, since three episodes have been released, thus far, I'll be doing a summary of the past three episodes. Also, I'll be giving my personal thoughts on the show and predictions for what may happen later on! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!


"The People vs. Emil Blonsky" picks up right where the last episode left off; Jen now has to figure out a way to prove that Blonsky, aka The Abomination, didn't willingly break out of prison. With his pending release in danger, Jen is told by Emil that he was released by the new Sorceror Supreme, Wong! As Wong and Jen deliberate on a court strategy, an Asgardian shape-shifting elf has been posing as Megan Thee Stallion. While Jen has to prove Blonsky's innocence, she also must help a sexist co-worker from being scammed.

"Is This Real Magic?" gives us more Wong, as he asks Jen for legal advice. One of the dropouts from Karmar Taj, Donny Blaze, is abusing his teachings. While fighting off demons that Blaze, Jen is having trouble with her dating life, so she creates a profile but using her She-Hulk persona. After some horrible speed dates, She-Hulk finally gets lucky! Sadly, not only does her date not like her in "Jen form", she learns that socialite Titanna is suing Jen for trademark infringement! This brings us to the latest episode, "Mean, Green, And Straight-Poured Into These Jeans"! While friends Ramos and Pug discover a stylist that creates fashion for superheroes, Jen and co-worker Mallory Book must prove that Jen owns the "She-Hulk" moniker. While they do battle with Titanna in court, Jen meets superhero stylist, Luke Jacobson. While Jacobson eventually creates Jen some new clothes that match her "She-Hulk" form, we also see the red and gold Daredevil helmet!!!

What I love about this show, is that it doesn't take itself so seriously! It's a comedy series, not a drama. If you're expecting some serious moments, then keep looking. Also, the writers are aware of how negative critics are trashing the show, and mock them openly! That sort of action can backfire, but thankfully, it plays well. Especially with She-Hulk breaking the fourth wall. From easter eggs, to the impending appearance of Matt Murdock, She-Hulk: Attorney At Law is entertaining...and one of the few gems in Phase 4 MCU. Post your thoughts below, and till next time fellow blerds!

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With fighting games, there are the big three; Steet Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Tekken. While the first two have had success with adaptations of their franchises, Tekken really hasn’t enjoyed that same claim. Two direct-to-video movies, an anime from the 90s, and a CGI film aren’t enough. But with Netflix’s Tekken: Bloodline series, this may be what it needs for more expansions. Before I continue, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

(Remember this live-action movie? Very few do...cause it was bad. Like, Mortal Kombat Annihilation bad...)

The series has pretty much the same premise as Tekken 3, where we see the character Jin Kazama as the main protagonist. A young Jin and his mother Jun are training in the ways of martial arts when a mysterious creature called Ogre arrives. Searching for only the strongest of fighters, Ogre attacks the Kazama family. Sacrificing herself to save Jin, Jun dies at Ogre’s hands. Swearing revenge, Jin reaches out to his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima, and learns Mishima-Style karate. Heihachi, however, has other plans, as he wants to use Ogre’s powers. Learning of Ogre’s desire for powerful warriors, Heihachi creates the King of Iron Fist Tournament to lure him out while exploiting Jin’s latent potential.

So, I didn’t expect this amine to blow my mind, but upon watching it, you can really tell that the animators and writers did their homework, giving us the full Tekken experience, the fight scenes, complete with combos straight from the games (splash effects and all), fan-favorite characters making their appearance, and music all heighten the story we all know. While I was pleased to see characters like Paul Pheonix and Hworang, others like Leroy Smith, Nina Williams, Feng Wei, and others felt like glorified cameos. However, I did appreciate the duality of Jin and his internal struggle. Struggling with combining Jun’s and Heihachi’s teachings, Jin learns to combine the hard style of his grandfather with his mother’s soft style. Also, upon learning that Jin has something called the “Devil Gene” (the same genetic code his father, Kazuya, shares.), Heihachi plans on using Jin to achieve his own goals.

The episodes are short enough to avoid being bored, with plenty of action to keep viewers’ attention. The soundtrack is also banging, although I was hoping for some variations of the Tekken 3 OST, considering the series’ premise is based on the game. Overall, if you’re a Tekken fan, you won’t be disappointed. Or, maybe you will, if your favorite character loses or isn’t even present. I give Tekken: Bloodline a 7.5 out of 10. Tell me your thoughts in the comment section, and till next time fellow blerds!

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